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Legal Stuff

Existing Code/Laws

  • Overview of Texas Stream Navigation Law (from the TRRA)
  • Penal Code Section 42.03 - Obstructing Highway or Other Passageway - includes waterways .. entrance or exit to which the public or a substancial group of the public has access...

Proposed Legislation

Protection of State-Owned Waterways (aka Off-Road Vehicles)

Recently introduced legislation to prevent the wanton destruction of rivers is working its way through the legislature. Ostensibly announced by some groups as a river access issue, it's truly about river destruction. Read more...

Water Diversion Permit for Guadalupe and San Marcos Rivers

The San Marcos River Foundation is leading the battle to protect the Guadalupe River. They have asked for a water permit from the state requesting the amount of water needed for the basic health of the river. This amount comes from the state's own study. For more information, visit the SMRF website.

Court Cases and Other Issues

Bessie Heights Marsh Oil Barge Mooring Facility

David Bernsen (former state rep and failed Dem candidate for Texas Land Commissioner) recently filed a suit against the state and Western Towing/Kirby Inland to keep that oil barge mooring facility in the Bessie Heights Marsh from moving upstream. They've got a temporary injunction and a hearing in late February.