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HB305/SB155 Hearings
March 18, 2003

The Texas House and Texas Senate Committees for these bills on off-road usage were both heard on the same day making it difficult for persons to make both meetings, though some did...(read more)

Taking Back the Water that's Yours Already - Sort of...Austin Wishes to "Reclaim its Sewage"
March 9, 2003

There is no precedent for what Ken Ramirez wants to do.

Austin's hired-gun water lawyer admits he will change decades of Texas water law if he can convince state environmental officials that Austin can legally reclaim its treated sewage after dumping it into the Colorado River.

But where Ramirez sees an ingenious tweak, Paul Thornhill sees an unsettling revolution. Thornhill is deputy general manager of the Lower Colorado River Authority... (read more)

Cummings Dam Blowout
November 2001

A flood in November of 2001 removed what was left of the timbers that ordinarily filled the slot in the center of Cummings Dam. The structure, located approximately six miles downstream of San Marcos, was once used to generate electricity. Now obsolete and in bad repair... (read more)



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