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Privacy Policy

PaddleTX is concerned about your privacy and will maintain your private information in the strictest confidence. The information we collect on this website will be used solely for by PaddleTX and you and will never be sold or transferred to a third party except as outlined herein. We use this collected information to provide better service and to provide some applications.

The information collected includes cookies, web pages visited, and for purposes of various sections and/or applications, name, address, e-mail address, phone numbers and related information. We will only keep this private information as long as necessary to use the information as indicated and/or as long as you desire. You may request all private information be removed at any time.

Information will be transferred to third parties only when those actions you make on our website (such as sending action letters) are indicated to send your personal information (such as address and/or phone number) to the third parties.

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